H2PLEDGE is a coalition of companies committed to using Clean hydrogen to decarbonize U.S. natural gas infrastructure.

While the U.S. has decreased its dependence on the most carbon intensive fuels, our reliance on natural gas – a cleaner but still potent greenhouse gas – has increased. We can begin decarbonizing natural gas by using green electricity, the nation’s 2.3 million miles of existing natural gas pipelines and hydrogen production technology to create clean hydrogen. Clean hydrogen is emissions free, can be supplied directly to commercial and industrial users today, and is the only viable large-scale decarbonization option for millions of natural gas applications.

H2PLEDGE members commit to replacing at least 10% of their natural gas usage with clean hydrogen beginning by 2024.

The work of H2Pledge member businesses will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions, new jobs and a cleaner, healthier environment for all.